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The Lyceum Institute provides superlative educational services to students in grades 3-12. Lyceum offers individualized tutoring services, high school admissions consulting, public speaking courses, and writing workshops.

We believe that literature and language are the frame through which to maximize student achievement.


Founder & Director of English

Shawn has a bachelor's degree in English Language Arts and a master's degree in Adolescence Education, as well as a diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language. He is a New York State Certified Teacher who has had a broad range of experience teaching 7th-12th graders in both urban and rural settings; public, radical, and private schools from the Bronx to Princeton.

In addition to managing Lyceum, he teaches 8th grade English part-time at Chapin School Princeton.  Throughout his career, he has been a Dean of Student Life, Professional Development Committee Chair, lacrosse and cross country coach, and Executive Board Member of the New Jersey Council of Teachers English. 

The Lyceum Institute realizes Shawn's belief that students succeed most when they have a balance of group learning and one-on-one tutoring services. Being able to both teach and tutor is one of his greatest fortunes.


Math Tutor

Tiansong has a BSc in civil and environmental engineering from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and an MS in the same field from UC Berkeley.  He is currently completing his PhD in Engineering.


Passionate about math and fascinated by the logic and system behind this subject, Tiansong is eager to share his understanding of and enthusiasm for math with students through teaching.


Tiansong is also an amateur YouTuber, posting academic and public science videos.


Math Tutor

Antonio has his B.S. in Applied Arts in Science from RIT, with specializations in Applied Sustainable Technology and Astrophysics. He continues to research and develop an ongoing project known as “GreenHouse”, which is a modular housing model that uses highly sophisticated sustainability, physics, and mathematical principles to maximize efficiency and prioritize clean energy. In taking on this endeavor, he has found a passion for helping students grow to find their own success in math and science and achieve their goals in higher education.


SAT/ACT/PSAT/SSAT/AP English Tutor & Remote Public Speaking Instructor

Alexandra has her B.A. in English Literature and her Ed.M. in Secondary English Language Arts Education, both from Rutgers University. Alexandra has had over 16 years of experience teaching English literature at the high school level, as well as 15 years tutoring students in SAT/ACT test prep and language arts/writing skills. She currently continues to tutor, in addition to providing writing assessment services for private test companies. Alexandra has also written two resource books for classroom teachers: Teaching Reading, Analyzing and Writing in 10 Lessons and Fight the Fake News Invasion.


SSAT Math and English Tutor, MOM 3-12 Instructor & Student Data Analyst

Ninaad is a graduate of Lyceum's SAT/ACT English Tutoring program. Both his total and section scores for the SAT, ACT, and SSAT are in the 99%ile. His academic success includes receiving his AP Capstone Diploma in 2 years with the highest score of 5 and performing in the top 1% of the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program. Ninaad is the founder of Gifted Gabber, a business dedicated to making conversation a superpower, and InspireYouth, a nonprofit organization which teaches youth how to capitalize on technologies specific to their future careers. Research he conducted alongside a Harvard professor on the advent of BlockChain technologies in contemporary business will be published in the upcoming edition of the International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science.


Content Developer

Lily is a graduate of the Lyceum Institute's SSAT English tutoring program, which helped her to score in the top tenth percentiles. She is an honors student at one of the top secondary schools in New Jersey and is a member of her school's award-winning robotics team. She also frequently volunteers to tutor at a local elementary school and has a strong passion for helping others reach their full academic potential.


My son has a strong math mind, however, has not been consistent in his English, especially writing.  We were referred to Lyceum by a friend of ours whose son has benefitted from their tutoring.  His tutor is very organized and attentive.  He made sure to understand what our goals are and my son’s strength and weakness and examples of my concerns.  He assured me that there are methods and strategies in English and writing, just like Math.  He has a way to make writing effort so much easier.  I remember when my son wrote a poetry analysis and also his school Word of Assembly essay, the first draft was far from satisfactory.  His tutor made very easy-to-follow comments.  After my son updated the pieces based on those comments, the essays were beautiful.  Our tutor always makes sure to communicate with me and hear about my concerns even if it means he has to stay a little over his lesson time.  He helped to encourage my son to start to write journals. My son made big improvements in writing, both in school and in his own journal writing.  I strongly recommend Lyceum tutoring service.

Minzhi, Princeton, NJ

We thought of English as a “score” in SAT/ACT that is difficult to conquer. We hired Lyceum to further the English preparation of our son for SAT/ACT. Our tutor, Mr. Berger, started off by assessing our sons skills and areas of improvement. At that time, Mr. Berger prepared a detailed assessment of our son’s strengths and the areas he needs to focus on. Mr. Berger has a knack to make English and reading a science, and has a excellent proven way to tutor kids to fall in “love” with English. We have learnt over time that English is an essential skill to all round success of a student and the students have to showcase their passion and inner voice through the language.

Overall Mr. Berger is a great English tutor who instills confidence and brings out the passion and inner voice of the kids. He has been a great coach and mentor as well to our son. Fast forward, our son has not only done extremely well in SAT/ACT, he has fallen in love with English and uses it to express his feelings and inner voice and opinions on all topics he has to present on. We cannot thank Mr. Berger enough in taking our son through this everlasting journey and would like to highly recommend him for furthering your kids language and standardized test journey!

Jothsna, Chester Springs, PA

We looked for a tutor to optimize preparation for SSAT for maximizing his success and pave the way for a positive experience. Leah Cutler, our tutor, had a structured and personalized approach. This was done via asking questions related to the personal goals of the student, to evaluate the strengths and the areas for improvement. A clear plan was provided. Mrs. Cutler gave homework in an adequate and manageable way and motivated our son to go the extra mile in a very empathic way. We enjoyed her personal interest in our son and individual and personalized approach. The improvement that we saw between the first and second SSAT attempt was very encouraging. The quality of tutoring, especially the feedback we received on our son’s progress and very professional communication of next steps, was worth the money and time. Our son learned how to structure his work, approach complex questions and tasks and this helped him also in his day-to-day school work. The impact we saw was not only related to the SSAT. Because the content of SSAT questions are not part of the day-to-day school subjects, it is absolutely necessary to help students getting familiar with them. Lyceum takes its tasks serious and shows a high level of engagement to help the students and their families.

Geraldine and Mike, Princeton, NJ

Lyceum simplified the overwhelming experience of applying to independent schools and helped my family understand the process. We arrived to our interviews prepared and received invaluable feedback on our essay preparation. Our consultant was accessible and responded within 24 hours working with tight time constraints and deadlines. My children felt over-prepared and confident in all of their interviews. Coming from public schools, Lyceum truly helped steer us in the right direction, taking into consideration our children and our family needs. Their consultation is invaluable. Now that we are enrolled in private schools we will definitely keep in touch and seek advice and consultation as we go through the college admission process. Lyceum is a trusted service in our lives.

Lisa, West Windsor, NJ

“Despite being a straight-A student, our daughter’s percentile the first time she took the SSAT was 65. We sought out a tutor, and looking back now, it was some of the best money we’ve ever spent! Our daughter gained confidence that she could conquer the SSAT in the very first session and that confidence only grew as the sessions progressed. Shawn treated our daughter respectfully and professionally, but also connected with her as a holistic individual. Six months later, our daughter retook the SSAT and scored in the 91st percentile—a remarkable improvement! Our family highly recommends Shawn as an SSAT tutor because his tutoring didn’t just allow our daughter to get great results on the SSAT, but also broadened her mind and developed a passion in her to excel—and those things spilled over into her school academics. Shawn is a wonderful tutor (the best I’ve ever seen) but he’s more than that—he’s a mentor, a role model and a friend!”

Jenn, Columbus, NJ

"Our daughter has made a lot of progress under your tutoring which helped her to get into the best secondary school in the states."

Weili, Newton, PA

My son started Lyceum tutoring at the end of 3rd grade. My son was always weak in language art. At first, I was a little concerned that our tutor is too advanced for him because he teaches older students. The question I kept thinking to myself was, can he really teach a 9 year old for a session that is one hour long? At the time, my son gets distracted easily and can not focus for more than 30 minutes. However, after the first session, I found out that not only can my son focus for the entire hour, but they were able to cover vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. 

At the beginning of fourth grade, there was a placement test for the enriched language art class in school.  My son only had a few tutoring sessions and he was not able to get in due the fact that he was weak with his reading comprehension skills. It was a very stressful time for us. Immediately, our tutor met with all of his teachers and found out exactly what he was weak on.  The list was summary of key details of stories, inference, and character analysis. Our tutor was able to adjust his tutoring curriculum to gear toward the requirements from school.  He found a lot of teaching materials and new techniques to stimulate my son’s thinking process. These lessons really help my son with inference and to think deeper. With the help of our tutor and my son’s teachers, my son was able to get back to enriched level class after 3 months of hard work. 

Furthermore, our tutor is always very punctual and well prepared for his session. We also like his teaching techniques. Finding the student’s weak points, and coming up with materials to build it up. He also tries to make his students to think independently. After each session, I always felt that my son has improved. 

I asked my son one day to grade all his language teachers since kindergarten from 1 to 5. His Lyceum tutor is the only one got “5”.  We are very happy with Lyceum tutoring service. We will definitely recommend this service to our friends and family members. 

Yu, Chesterfield, NJ

I initially contacted The Lyceum Institute because my son needed a tutor for English. Within the first few sessions they were able to identify how to help him in English and so much more. A plan was created to help him improve in this subject, improve in additional classes he was beginning to struggle in due to the crossover of English, develop stronger study skills, and strengthen his overall confidence in school.  The results of utilizing The Lyceum Institute have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my son.  His grades have improved in many subjects, he has written some of the best papers in multiple classes, and an intangible would be the confidence I see my son has with regards to his approach in studying and communicating with teachers.  We have worked with many tutors over the years, this is the first time we can actively see the improvement in many areas that have carried over beyond a school year for my son.  We highly recommend The Lyceum Institute and the services they provide.

Meredith, Plainsboro, NJ

"Mr. Berger helped my daughter with her reading comprehension skills. He taught her tips and tricks on how to tackle the passages and questions on the SSATs. Mr. Berger gave her information that helped her score better. In addition, Mr. Berger's tutoring has helped her in more ways than just one standardized test (ie, homework, pointers other subjects, analyzing papers, etc). I realize these days there are lot of testimonials to everything out there and this may be considered one among many. However, I can assure you that once you interact with him, you will be pleasantly surprised to realize how dedicated he is to English tutoring."

JK, Bordentown, NJ

"Our initial goal with tutoring was to provide our daughter with an opportunity to further develop her reading and writing skills.  Our tutor focused instead on helping her become a better thinker.  In retrospect, it makes absolute sense!  Just as "a picture is worth a thousand words," a daughter's recent request might say it best: "Mom, can we continue tutoring over the summer, twice a week just like we did last year?"

Patrizia, New Hope, PA

"The Lyceum Institute is greatly helpful whenever I as parent needed practical advice and suggestions from an experienced professional educator."

Jun, Lawrenceville, NJ

"I chose Mr. Berger from a long list of tutors because he is highly recommended by students and parents at his school. He is an active teacher with a reputation for excellent teaching."

Yinghui, West Windsor, NJ

"When we decided to apply to some of the top schools in the country, we wanted to work with someone who can provide us advice and guidance on what these schools expect. We talked to a couple of education consultants in the area but felt that they were more focused on college applications. Once we started working with Mr. Berger, the process to a large part was simplified. Most of his questions or reactions were indicative of what the school's admission team would think or ask."

Bhavani, Princeton, NJ

“We sought Lyceum's help during my daughter's high school search. I really liked his method of SSAT test prep because he went through the process in a holistic manner that helped my daughter do well. We were so impressed that we are continuing Lyceum tutoring services into high school. Our tutor creates a tailored curriculum based on the student's strengths and weaknesses.  I highly recommend Lyceum.”

SR, Newtown, PA

Upon receiving high recommendations from my friends, I decided to contact Lyceum Tutors for help writing my post graduate personal statement and application essays for residency programs, and I’m so happy I did! Words cannot describe how helpful Lyceum was in helping me put my thoughts into beautifully written essays. My tutor was very prompt in corresponding back and forth with me with revisions and input. The whole process was swift and stress-free. My tutor was patient and professional. I will definitely be coming back to Lyceum for writing help in the future!

Jackie, Philadelphia, PA

Delaware River Valley, NJ/PA, USA